Coffee Reports: Auto-Generate & Email Weekly Reports Using Statglide’s API

Sep 8, 2023

In the age of digital data, marketers are often inundated with analytics from a multitude of platforms. Centralizing and making sense of this data becomes essential. Statglide is here to change the game with its robust API, allowing you to automate your data extraction and have comprehensive reports delivered right to your inbox.

In this guide, we'll take you through the process of utilizing Statglide's API to gather your marketing data and set up an automated system, using platforms like, to send weekly reports to your email.

The Power of Statglide’s API

With integrations spanning platforms like Google Ads, Google Search Console, Facebook Ads, Shopify, and Stripe, Statglide offers a panoramic view of your marketing landscape. By leveraging its API, you can:

  1. Customize data retrieval to meet specific needs.

  2. Set up automated processes, including report generation.

  3. Seamlessly integrate with third-party platforms.

How to Use Statglide’s API

Initiate by making a POST request to Ensure you authenticate using your Statglide token, which can be found in your user settings.

Here's a snapshot of what your request might look like:

  "statglide_token": "YOUR_UNIQUE_TOKEN", 
  "range": "mm/dd/yyyy:mm/dd/yyyy", 
  "integrations": ["YOUR_CHOSEN_INTEGRATIONS"], 
  • Range: Define the timeframe for your data.

  • Format: Choose from .xlsx, .csv, or .pdf.

  • Integrations & Scopes: Specify platforms and the respective data scopes, such as ga_numberusers or fbads_impressions.

Upon a successful request, Statglide will provide a download link for your data.

Setting Up Automated Weekly Reports to Your Email with

While Statglide doesn't directly integrate with, you can harness's functionalities to set up API calls to Statglide. Here's how you can schedule automated data extraction and email delivery:

  1. Set Up the API Call in

    • In your account, navigate to the section where you can execute external API calls.

    • Set up a new API call, and input the details for the Statglide API, including your unique token and desired settings.

  2. Schedule the Call:

    • Choose the frequency of the API call (e.g., weekly).

  3. Email Automation:

    • Use's email automation feature.

    • Set up a new email trigger that activates upon the successful completion of the Statglide API call.

    • Configure the email to attach the data report and send it to your desired email address.

  4. Fine-Tuning:

    • Make sure to test the process initially to ensure that the data extraction and email delivery are functioning seamlessly.

    • Adjust settings as needed for optimal results.


In today's fast-paced business landscape, automation isn't just a luxury—it's a necessity. With Statglide's comprehensive API and the automation capabilities of platforms like, you can effortlessly centralize your marketing analytics and receive weekly insights directly in your inbox. It's time to elevate your data game and make informed decisions every week.

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