A Comprehensive Guide to Starting with Statglide

Sep 20, 2023

Embarking on a new software journey can often be daunting, especially when it comes to analytics. But with Statglide, it doesn't have to be. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, Statglide ensures that even newcomers to the world of analytics can navigate seamlessly and derive value from their data.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the initial steps of setting up your Statglide dashboard and share some best practices to ensure you're making the most of what the platform offers.

Your First Glimpse: The Empty Dashboard

When you first log into Statglide, you're greeted with a clean slate—an empty dashboard. While it might seem intimidating at first, think of it as a canvas, waiting for you to paint your analytical masterpiece.

Adding Your First Template: The Building Blocks

  1. Spot the Plus: Navigate to the bottom right corner and click on the '+' icon. This is your gateway to Statglide's extensive range of templates.

  2. Sort and Select: At the top, you have the option to sort templates by integration. Whether you're focused on Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Shopify, or any of the other integrations Statglide offers, you can filter accordingly.

  3. Pick Your Template: Browse through and find a template that aligns with your analytical needs.

  4. Connect or Select an Account: If it's your first time, you'll need to connect your account. If you've previously added accounts, simply select the relevant one.

  5. Add to Dashboard: Once everything looks good, click 'Add to Dashboard'. Your chosen template will now adorn your dashboard, ready to showcase insights.

Patience Pays: The 24-hour Wait

It's essential to note that all new accounts take up to 24 hours for data to populate. While the anticipation might be challenging, remember that good things come to those who wait. This short period ensures the accuracy and comprehensiveness of your data. The good news? Statglide is actively working on a feature to minimize this waiting time, aiming for more real-time data fetches.

Best Practices for a Seamless Statglide Experience

  1. Start Simple: Especially if you're new to analytics, begin with a basic template to familiarize yourself with the platform. Gradually, as you gain confidence, explore more complex templates.

  2. Regularly Update: As your marketing strategies evolve, ensure your dashboard reflects those changes. Regularly review and update your templates and integrations.

  3. Stay Informed: Statglide is continually evolving, with new features and integrations. Stay updated with the latest offerings to maximize the platform's benefits.

  4. Seek Support: If ever in doubt, don't hesitate to reach out to Statglide's support. Whether you have a technical query or need guidance on analytics, the team is there to assist.


Statglide isn't just another analytics platform; it's a tool designed to empower businesses to make data-driven decisions with ease. As you embark on your Statglide journey, remember that every piece of data, every template, and every insight is a step closer to understanding your business better and scaling new heights.

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